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Mold Assessment and Clearance Services

The effect of mold contamination on indoor air quality (IAQ) has received much recent press coverage, but air quality may also be affected by the building’s HVAC system design, maintenance and function; chemicals and furnishings in the building; and processes performed in the building.  Investigations identifying causes of complaints about indoor air quality involve several levels of detail. Benchmark’s experienced professionals interview complainants and building maintenance personnel to gain an understanding of the history of potential problems. We evaluate the building HVAC system in the affected area looking at comfort factors like O2 and CO2 levels, temperature, relative humidity, and overall equipment maintenance and operation. We then investigate the area in question to determine potential sources of chemical and biological contaminants. Mold assessment services include:

  • Mold assessment inspections
  • Investigations and Complaint Response
  • Abatement Management and Air Monitoring
  • Final air clearance standards
  • Remedial recommendations for architectural, mechanical or plumbing changes
  • Bidding coordination
  • Contract administration
  • Contractor oversight
  • Management Programs
  • Cost Estimates

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